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Over the past decade, Dr. Christopher A. Johnson has undertaken a range of high profile ventures nationally and internationally, using the Partnership Excellence Model that involves public, private and community sector agencies and institutions. The initiatives comprise policy and strategic matters on business, education, training, economic development, urban regeneration, capacity building, advocacy and performance management. Below are profiles of major consultancy projects: -

1. Project: Profile of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Aim: To publicise the challenges and prospects, as well as achievements of minority firms (African, Caribbean, Indian/Asian)

Client Group: 200

Value: £10,000 (funded by private donor)

2. Project: SME Enterprise Support

Aim: To offer support to African and Caribbean firms and social enterprises

Client Group: 300 (20 business sectors and various social firms)

Value: £60,000 (European Regional Development Fund)

3. Project: Women Into Business

Aim: To provide training in business planning, communications, customer care, finance, marketing and strategic planning.

Client Group: 100 (at least 10 business sectors)

Value: £90,000 (European Social Fund)

4. Project: Cultural Industries Sector Capacity Building

Aim: To provide capacity building to creative firms owned by social entrepreneurs.

Client Group: 1,000 (25 sectors covering enterprises and social firms)

Value: £30,000 (European Regional Development Fund)

5. Project: Consumer Research Survey

Aim: To examine the spending patterns and related consumer attitudes of various communities.

Client Group: 500,000 (professionals, organisations, groups, communities etc)

Value: £3,000 (privately funded)

6. Project: Performance Review of The Council of Asian People

Aim: To examine the organisation and performance of the Council, recommend funding reforms and the implementation of a medium-term strategy for accessing public healthcare contracts.

Client Group: 11,000 (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans etc)

Value: £6,000 (Social Services Department, Local Authority)

7. Project: Performance Review of a respite healthcare Consortium

Aim: To carry out audit of firm and prepare medium-term strategy for the acquisition of Local Government care contracts.

Client Group: 300 (Management Board members, carers, supervisors, managers)

Value: £8,000 (Social Services Department, Local Authority)

8. Project: Review of healthcare Group

Aim: To examine organisational systems and procedures and produce a 5 year business plan.

Client Group: 100 (management, carers, supervisors and support staff)

Value: £3,500 (privately funded)

9. Project: Audit of Day Centre

Aim: To review operational systems for the elderly, as well as children and young persons.

Client Group: 200

Value: £3,500 (privately funded)

10. Project: Windrush Economic Conference

Aim: To celebrate the contribution of Caribbean people to economic development in Britain 1948-1998

Client Group: 200

Value: £5,000 (Economic Development Unit, Local Authority)

11. Project: Cultural Industries Sector Strategy

Aim: To examine the concept of a multicultural `Millennium Village’ and formulate a cultural industries sector strategy.

Client Group: 200,000 (African, Caribbean, Asians, Greek-Cypriots, Irish, English/British and other ethnic groups)

Value: £18,000 (Lottery Charities &Regeneration Dept of Local Authority)

12. Project: Caribbean Conference and Exhibition

Aim: To celebrate the Caribbean contribution to the British Commonwealth on the occasion of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee

Client Group: 200 (Universities, Commonwealth Secretariat, Local Authorities, Sport England, professionals, exhibitors and cultural performers)

Value: £26,000 (Queen’s Golden Jubilee Office and Heritage Lottery Fund)

13. Project: Capacity Building

Aim: To improve the organisation structure and staff competence of social enterprises

Client Group: 100 (social entrepreneurs involved in community affairs)

Value: £20,000 (Fastforward, European Social Fund, private donors)

14. Project: BME Enterprise Support Programme

Aim: To look at consumer spending patterns of residents and provide enterprise support initiatives for start-ups and existing businesses

Client Group: 20,000 (African, Caribbean and other ethnic firms and residents)

Value: £180,000 (funded by the Neighbourhood Renewal Team, Local Authority)

15. Project: Community Enterprise Workshop

Aim: To refurbish existing business incubator units and deliver enterprise support services to businesses and social firms

Client Group: 1,000 (various ethnic groups – African, Caribbean, European, British etc)

Value: £250,000 (European Regional Development Fund, Regional Development Agency)

16. Project: Case Studies on SMEs

Aim: To examine the organisation and performance of African and Caribbean SME sector.

Client Group: 175

Value: £5,000 (European Social Fund, Loughbrough University, Leicester, England)

17. Project: Performance Review of Business Association

Aim: To examine the organisation and performance of business association and recommend a development strategy for success.

Client Group: 1,260-odd (including 50 member firms and 24 business sectors)

Value: £6,000

18. Project: Medium-term Economic Strategy, St. Lucian Government

Aim: To review and recommend a variety of business, economic, education and social reforms for the Government of St. Lucia, West Indies.

Client Group: 160,000

Value: Not Applicable

19. Project: Kingston Restoration Company’s (KRC) Urban Programme

Aim: To review the performance of, and recommend business, education, training and capacity building priorities for delivering the next phase of the KRC Urban programme, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.

Client Group: approx 7,000 (including residents, businesses, premises etc)

Value: US$250M (US, Caribbean consortium managed and other private donors)


· Academic support for College/University undergraduates and postgraduates
· Tutorials for professionals in all areas of public, private and civic life
· Lectures/Presentations and writing of Concept and Position Papers
· Researching books, articles, features etc.
· Advising Government bodies and departments.

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