Monday, November 10, 2008


A Business Landmark of the Century

A new book entitled British Caribbean Enterprises: A Century of Challenges and Successes, that will set a precedent in global entrepreneurship, is now on sale. It profiles the contribution of three generations of entrepreneurs to the British/UK economy since 1907, covering over 200 commercial firms and social enterprises combined. It also involves 11 leading sectors and 70-odd business segments combined and is retailed at £20.00 for individuals and £40 for corporate or funded agencies and institutions. This book is ideal for business owners, would-be entrepreneurs, students, researchers, policy experts, colleges, universities, think-tanks and others interested in the organisation and performance of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) sector. Production details are as follows:

Publisher: Dr Christopher A. Johnson (January 2009)

Language: English
Printed by: MPG Biddles Ltd, Norfolk PE30 4LS
Cover Design:
ISBN: 978-0-9561028-1-2
Product Dimension: 210 x 148mm
Customer Review: Very Excellent

For details on ordering copies of British Caribbean Enterprises, please email your requests to:

Review Comments:

"The author has provided an invaluable reference book, and as far as I know, the first really comprehensive insight into the British Caribbean business community" - Emeritus Fellow, Bill Kirkman MBE, University of Cambridge.

"Dr. Johnson's timely book on Caribbean entrepreneurship in Britain addresses an important, yet often neglected topic within the field of ethnic minority enterprise. With an admirable grasp of history, economics and enterprise, the author presents a detailed portrait of Caribbean business owners in a variety of contexts. This book is to be welcomed as a valuable addition to the academic and policy community" - Professor Monder Ram OBE, Director CREME Initiative, De Montfort University, England.

"This book makes an excellent reference resource since the author has dealt with a topic on which very little in known especially in mainstream literature" - Professor Sonny Nwankwo, University of East London.

"A scholary work that combines various disciplines such as commerce, culture, demography, geography, politics, sociology and technology located within a British Caribbean context" - The Roselle Antoine Foundation.

"Congrats to the author on such a timely and splendid work; it is needed to show the contribution of Caribbean people to the UK over a century" - Mahogany Arts Ltd

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